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Date:  February 17, 2017

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DMS Professional Suite™

CPR’s latest release for DMS 4 will make the application PCI compliant. 

In order to make DMS 4 PCI compliant we had to change approximately 24 screens in the application.

The new release of the DMS Professional Suite has made changes in the application to mask the account numbers and social security numbers as soon as they are entered into the application.  When you wish to see the full number again, so the number can be changed or corrected, simply click into the cell holding the number and the full number will appear.  If you click out of the cell the mask will return in approximately five seconds.

We have placed a system flag in the application that defaults to masking all account numbers, except the last four digits and social security numbers, in your agency’s database.  If your agency does not want to mask any numbers in their database, they can tell CPR to set the flag to turn the masking off.

The new release will also keep you up to date with the NFCC’s Member Quality Standard # 18.0 – for Data Security.

Below are a few screen shots that will give you a preview of how the new release will look with the PCI compliant changes.


Please give us a call or send us a Service Wise Incident to schedule your upgrade.

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Upon entering the screen, the SSN number will be viewed like this:


When you click into the cell the number will appear.


Upon entering the screen, the account number will appear like this in the Debt Grid. 

Click on the account number cell the number for that account number and all account number in the debt grid will appear.

 After 14 seconds the account numbers become masked again.


DMS 5 is already PCI compliant.

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