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Cooperative Processing Resources Overview

Cooperative Processing Resources (CPR) is the industry's premiere Debt Management System (DMS) provider. We are a Texas Cooperative association that is owned by a Cooperative membership consisting of credit counseling agencies, both large and small. Working together as a Cooperative in order to ensure continued technical support was the main idea for creating CPR. Agencies wanted to work together and have control over the enhancements and destiny of the DMS. Providing technical support for the software that runs their agency is the main priority of CPR.

The Cooperative's mandate is to provide quality technology-based products and services that enhance each member's ability to provide optimal service to consumers and creditors alike.

CPR's primary function is the maintenance and technical support of the DMS and the development of new technology to support our mission. In addition, the Cooperative serves as purchasing agent for its members, finding the best products and services available. We then negotiate the most advantageous pricing using the collective bargaining power of the membership. In this way, all members can afford state-of-the-art processing capabilities.

We are uniquely positioned to meet the future needs of our members with our latest product DMS Professional Suite™, which embraces the newest technology available. CPR's products place high importance on the new way the credit and debt counseling industry handles business processes. Our new tools include the latest computer, Internet and communication technologies of today, which integrate with the technology of tomorrow so our customers can stay ahead of the competition! Our DMS Professional Suite product is comprised of:

  • DMS Manager™
  • DMS Solutions™
  • DMS Web™

The CPR members work together keeping their cost managed and controlled. CPR is more than a vendor; we are a software development and technology provider to our members.

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