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DMS Professional Suite™ Services

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CPR offers a wide variety of services designed to fulfill our members' growing information processing needs.

  • Full technical support for our Debt Management System
  • Data Processing and office equipment
  • Commercial software
  • Telecommunications service
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Documentation

Two examples of the cutting-edge services offered by CPR are Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Financial Electronic Data Interchange (FEDI). By eliminating paperwork, such as the printing of checks and the cost and delay of postal delivery, these services provide major benefits to debt counseling service agencies, creditors and consumers. Creditors also reap the added benefit of improved cash flow.

Disaster Recovery

In 2001, CPR entered into a partnership with SunGard. CPR wanted to provide a way to help their members securely manage their data for a very low expense. SunGard offers CPR members data hosting services and 24 X 7 monitoring. SunGard takes care of managing the server hardware so members are assured that their data is always running on the latest technology with advanced processors, memory and data storage for hardware. They also take care of the operating system and database management software applying new patches when they come out and fully test all patches before deploying them to the servers. SunGard also performs nightly back-ups as well as any data restoration that may be required.

Disaster Recovery is a second area of expertise and service SunGard supplies CPR members. How good are your disaster recovery plans? Click here to read more about CPR's Disaster Recovery.

Data Hosting

CPR and SunGard now offer our member agencies a new alternative solution to purchasing a server for their location.

By outsourcing your server environment though CPR and our third-party vendor, SunGard, you get the benefit of a full enterprise-class IT staff at a fraction of the cost.


Your full benefits include a . . .

  • Backup and Recovery Specialist
  • Monitoring Specialist, 24 x 7
  • Full Security Team
  • LAN and WAN Engineer
  • Systems Engineer, Storage Engineer and System Administrator

What does this mean to a participating agency?

  • A reduction in hardware costs since an on-site server is no longer required
  • No need to upgrade server hardware, as SunGard will always provide the latest state-of-the-art equipment and technologies in computing, data storage, and network usage monitoring providing you consistent and optimum performance
  • No longer necessary to purchase or maintain Windows 2000 Operating System for your server
  • An engineering support team which includes a LAN Engineer, WAN Engineer, and System Administrator
  • No need to do nightly file saves or backups, tape storage or rotation
  • A full server security team

The participating agencies will still be responsible for:

  • Your back office operations and file maintenance (if you are currently doing them)
  • The integrity of your data input
  • Client access licenses


For additional information on SunGard, visit their web site at www.sungard.com.

CPR Due Diligence

We explored several companies that host data as their Core Competency jobs and decided to retain the relationship we have had established with SunGard since December 2001. They have an excellent reputation and are committed to CPR and our members. We have verified their safety, security and competence through a physical inspection of their facilities as well as through careful monitoring of their quality of service. To see more of the roles and responsibilities of SunGard, click here.

What are the costs involved?

We have been able to secure these services at a very low cost to our members who would like to take advantage of this data hosting service. There will be monthly recurring costs and a few one-time charges. CPR will be able to provide the exact costs to your agency once we have established the level of interest among the members for this service. For additional information, please contact CPR at 214-739-6170.



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