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Cooperative Processing Resources (CPR) was formed by a group of credit counseling agencies in September 1994 creating a cohesive unit that has collectively built the best credit counseling software system possible to meet the needs of clients, staff and creditors. The evolution of the Debt Management System (DMS) has been 20 years in the making and was built with ideas, contributions and success stories from all of CPR's members. CPR was established as a Texas cooperative association. The cooperative's mandate is to provide quality technology-based products and services that enhance each member's ability to provide optimal service to both consumers and creditors alike. Currently the cooperative has 54 credit counseling agencies in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and United Kingdom, running the Debt Management System software. We operate under Subchapter T of the IRS code and corresponding Texas statutes operating on a break-even basis, with our members, controlling the costs.

CPR is viewed as a true partner to our membership, providing a unique and total software solution. CPR offers software design, enhancements, new programming requirements, maintenance and technical support services. The membership controls the type of software products and services they want to use in their organizations. When creditors make changes to their programming requirements, CPR is quick to react by providing these immediate changes without additional fees so our members can meet the new requirements. CPR continues to step up to the challenges of the ever-changing industry demands of creditors and the complex environment in which we operate daily.

There is no other software vendor in the market today that is structured as CPR. Our members decide what products they want, when they want them delivered and how they want those products to work.

CPR members -- working together to keep their costs managed and controlled.

Nonprofit Motive

Because CPR is a member-owned company, a major goal of ours is to reduce the operating expenses of member agencies. Providing the lowest prices on the products and services that CPR offers, our pricing simply recovers the cost of doing business and provides adequate reserves to respond effectively to member requests. We recognize how creditor fair share cuts have adversely affected our members' budget, and how difficult it is to justify investing in new technology when you are not sure what the average fair share rate will be next month. Now, this is exactly when you need to make these investments.

Membership Qualifications and Requirements

Members of CPR must be debt management counseling agencies that are organized and qualified as nonprofit under the Internal Revenue Code 501 (c)(3). Other qualifications include: current permits and licenses as required by applicable State and Federal laws, and evidence of an annual certified audit by an independent CPA. Additionally, the cooperative's requirements for membership include:

  • A Subscription Agreement and Software License Agreement with the Cooperative
  • An unpaid board of directors fitting specific criteria as defined in the CPR bylaws
  • The use of a reasonable percentage of annual operating expenses on educational programs for the community

CPR is more than a software vendor, we are a partner to our members! We would like you to be a part of the Cooperative!




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