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A New Way to Participate in CPR Benefits

CPR is pleased to announce a way for agencies to take advantage of the many benefits offered by the cooperative, without becoming a full member.

Current Membership Requirements
Presently non-profit businesses offering debt management counseling and education can become a full member of CPR. Upon approval (see detailed membership requirement at the end of this letter) an agency can acquire one share of stock in the cooperative at a cost of $3,500, which entitles them to full use the software and the related support. Each member has one equal vote in the affairs of the cooperative, including major programming development and pricing of the monthly support. Many other benefits include total business continuity, contingency and disaster recovery options, risk mitigation and a beneficiary copyright to the source code of the software. We have included a number of documents that further detail the benefits of our technologically advanced software.

A New Alternative
As an alternative to becoming a full voting member, it is possible for an agency to become a “partner” of an existing CPR member. Under this arrangement, a new agency would enter into a participation agreement directly with the hosting agency. This would allow the new partner agency to use all of the software programs as well as data hosting options on existing servers. The hosting agency would charge a monthly user fee, which would be negotiated between the parties.

The benefits to the satellite agency are numerous, including:

  • No $3,500 membership fee required
  • No minimum number of ports (A member must have 10 ports)
  • No need to purchase a server
  • No need to purchase SQL database software
  • No need to purchase backup software for a server
  • No maintenance required for either the operation system or the database software
  • No more nightly back-ups for the database account

The level of service can vary depending on the needs and agreement between the parties.

Minimum services: – the hosting agency would simply host the data account and allow access to all of the current DMS Professional Suite™ programs. The Partner’s identity would be retained on all letters and forms created from the software. The trust account would remain completely independent from the host agency.

Additional services could include the following:

  • Printing checks
  • Preparing EFT and EDI files
  • Printing client statements
  • Preparing and printing all client communications
  • Preparing and printing all creditor communications
  • Running all nightly back up processes
  • Generating maintenance and backroom processing reports
  • ACH
  • Client and creditor closeout
  • System restores when required

The SunGard Factor
About one half of the current CPR Membership have opted to have their data hosted at SunGard. Advantages of hosting data accounts at SunGard are many, including:

  • No additional hardware will be required
  • No additional operating software or database management software will be required
  • Opportunity for growth for CPR Members or their Partners
  • Secure VPN connection between the Partner agency and SunGard which is encrypted
  • Ability for growth at each parties own rate of speed
  • Few one time charges: Setup fee of $150.00, hardware fee for purchasing a firewall approximately $500, and a low monthly monitoring fee of $50

About CPR

Cooperative Processing Resources (CPR) is the industry's premiere Debt Management System (DMS) provider.

We are a Texas Cooperative association that is owned by a cooperative membership consisting of credit counseling agencies, both large and small. CPR currently has 59 members in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Working together as a cooperative in order to ensure continued technical support was the primary reason for creating CPR. Agencies wanted to work together and have control over the enhancements and destiny of the DMS Professional Suite software application. CPR’s ongoing priority is to provide their members with software improvements and new innovations, fast response to all industry regulations, on-going training, and technical support for the software that runs their agencies.

The Cooperative's mandate is to provide quality technology-based products and services that enhance each member's ability to provide optimal service to consumers and creditors alike.

Note: Membership requirements of CPR

  1. Agency is engaged on a non-profit basis in the business of providing debt management counseling and education.
  2. Agency is organized and qualified as a non-profit corporation or other non-profit entity satisfying the requirements of internal Revenue code 501(C)(3).
  3. Agency holds all permits and licenses required by applicable federal or state law for operation.
  4. Agency agrees to devote, and in fact spend, a reasonable percentage of its annual operating expenses on educational programs presented to the community.
  5. Agency has an unpaid Board of Directors representative of the community in which they operate.
  6. Agency agrees to provide evidence of, an annual certified audit by an independent CPA of our trust and operating accounts and handling of client funds.
  7. Agency will make the $3,500.00 capital contribution to the Cooperative as currently required for all members by the Board of Directors.
  8. Agency agrees to pay monthly charges for the level of services contracted in amounts established from time to time by the Board of Directors.
  9. Agency will comply with such other reasonable standards established - or adopted and announced from time-to-time by the Board of Directors.

For more information please contact:

Kate Campion
Cooperative Processing Resources
Toll Free: 800-266-7988 extension 208
Direct: 214-739-6170
E-mail: Kate@cprops.com
Web Site: www.cprops.com



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